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Top 5 Side Hustles for Farmers

The agricultural industry is ripe with opportunities for those looking to diversify their income. With the right approach, agricultural professionals can leverage their expertise, land, and resources to create profitable side hustles. This blog explores the top five side hustles in agriculture, ranging from land leasing to digital content creation.

1. Lease Land to Hunters

The Opportunity: Landowners with large tracts of land, particularly those with abundant wildlife, can generate significant additional income by leasing their property to hunters. Hunting leases can be arranged seasonally, annually, or for specific hunting periods, offering flexibility to the landowner.

Getting Started: To start, assess the wildlife population and habitat quality of your land. Implementing wildlife management practices can enhance the appeal of your property. Next, determine the lease terms, including duration, types of hunting allowed, and pricing. Liability insurance and clear legal agreements are crucial to protect both parties' interests.

Success Tips:

  • Enhance the Habitat: Consider timber management or food plots to attract more game and increase the value of your lease.

  • Marketing: Utilize online platforms and local hunting clubs to advertise your land lease.

  • Safety and Regulations: Ensure all activities comply with local wildlife regulations and promote safe hunting practices.

2. Harvest Host or Other Agri-Tourism

The Opportunity: Agri-tourism connects the public with agricultural life, offering a unique experience for visitors and a profitable venture for landowners. Activities can range from farm stays to educational tours, wine tastings, or even hosting RV travelers through programs like Harvest Hosts.

Getting Started: Identify the unique aspects of your farm that would attract visitors. This might be your scenic location, particular crops, animals, or a historical aspect of your land. Then, develop visitor-friendly amenities and activities. Ensure you comply with zoning laws and have adequate insurance.

Success Tips:

  • Unique Experiences: Offer something visitors can't find elsewhere, like hands-on animal experiences, picking their own produce, or farm-to-table meals.

  • Marketing: Create an attractive online presence and connect with tourism boards and online agri-tourism directories.

  • Customer Service: Ensure visitors have a memorable and enjoyable experience to encourage return visits and word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Farmer Dealer Business Models for Seed or Crop Protection Chemicals

The Opportunity: Farmers with extensive knowledge of and experience in agriculture can become dealers or distributors for seed companies or crop protection chemicals. This role involves selling products directly to other farmers in the region, providing a valuable service by combining personal experience with a tailored approach to each farmer's needs.

Getting Started: Research companies looking for local dealers and understand their product offerings and dealer requirements. You'll need to have a good understanding of the products, the needs of farmers in your area, and strong sales skills. Relationships and trust are paramount in this industry.

Success Tips:

  • Networking: Leverage your existing connections in the farming community and attend agricultural events to expand your network.

  • Knowledge: Stay updated on the latest agricultural trends and technologies to provide valuable advice to your customers.

  • Customer Focus: Understand the specific needs and challenges of the farmers in your region and offer solutions that truly benefit them.

4. Ag Influencer for Ag Business Companies

The Opportunity: With the rise of social media, knowledgeable and charismatic individuals have the opportunity to become influencers within the agricultural sector. By partnering with agriculture companies, influencers can earn money through sponsored content, product reviews, and brand ambassadorships.

Getting Started: Build a strong, professional online presence focused on agriculture. This could be through a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, or other platforms. Consistently produce quality content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. As your following grows, reach out to agricultural brands for partnership opportunities.

Success Tips:

  • Authenticity: Be genuine in your recommendations and transparent about sponsorships.

  • Engagement: Regularly interact with your audience to build a loyal and engaged following.

  • Quality Content: Invest in good production quality and keep up with the latest trends and information in agriculture.

5. Agricultural Podcasts

The Opportunity: Podcasts are a powerful medium to share stories, advice, and insights about agriculture. By starting a podcast, you can build an audience interested in agricultural topics, from farming techniques and crop science to agribusiness and rural living.

Getting Started: Identify your niche and target audience. Will your podcast be educational, entertaining, or a mix of both? Plan your content, invest in decent recording equipment, and learn the basics of audio editing. Platforms like Anchor or Podbean can simplify the publishing process.

Success Tips:

  • Consistency: Release episodes on a regular schedule to grow your listener base.

  • Promotion: Leverage social media, agricultural forums, and community groups to promote your podcast.

  • Guests: Invite experts, farmers, and other interesting personalities to broaden your content appeal and reach.


Agriculture offers numerous avenues for innovation and entrepreneurship. Whether it's through land leasing, agri-tourism, sales, social media, or content creation, there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to explore new ventures. Each of these side hustles requires a unique set of skills and resources, but with dedication, knowledge, and a customer-focused approach, they can provide substantial additional income and personal satisfaction. As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, so too will the opportunities for enterprising individuals to grow and succeed.

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